Nikon Camera Price in Nepal 2023

Nikon, a respected multinational from Japan, has been celebrated for its premium optical products since 1917. Interestingly, Nikon’s prominence has reached the terrains of Nepal, seeing photography aficionados frequently exploring the Nikon Camera Price in Nepal. In this piece, we’ll unveil the prices and characteristics of Nikon cameras available in this region, relating them to international standards.

Nikon’s Global Influence:

Originating as ‘Nippon’ in the optical realm, Nikon has evolved, specializing in optical lenses and introducing innovations in cameras, binoculars, and microscopes. The brand’s expansion into semiconductor fabrication further underscores its diversification, ranking as the second-largest manufacturer in photolithography.

Nikon in Nepal:

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Nikon enjoys significant esteem among Nepali camera enthusiasts, however, a void of an authorized distributor in Nepal confines the purchases to the gray market. This scenario limits access to official service centers, making gray market acquisitions less appealing.

Market Research Insights:

Our meticulous research, predominantly around New Road areas, revealed an assortment of Nikon cameras in Nepal. Strikingly, the Nikon Camera Price in Nepal aligns closely with international rates. Below is a summarized insight into the available models and their prices:

Nikon Camera Price in Nepal: Quick Summary:

Nikon CameraPrice in Nepal
Nikon D3500Rs. 49,990
Nikon D5600Rs. 99,990
Nikon Z30Rs. 109,990
Nikon D7500Rs. 1,39,990
Nikon Z50Rs. 139,990
Nikon Z5Rs. 179,990
Nikon Z6 IIRs. 2,49,990
Nikon D780Rs. 2,79,990
Nikon D850Rs. 3,49,990
Nikon Z7 IIRs. 3,79,990
Nikon Z8Rs. 5,50,000
Nikon Z9Rs. 6,49,990

Nikon DSLRs in Nepal:

Known for amalgamating cutting-edge tech, Nikon’s DSLRs are revered for their sharp and vibrant image-capturing prowess. Below, we elaborate on the full specifications and the latest Nikon DSLR camera prices in Nepal.

Price Fluctuation Warning:

Remember, the camera price in Nepal may fluctuate due to the absence of proper regulations. Opting for gray market deals might seem economical, but considering authenticity and after-sales support is crucial. Purchasing from an authorized outlet remains a superior alternative.


Uncovering the Nikon Camera Price in Nepal illuminates the options available to photography enthusiasts in the region. Given the close alignment with international prices, making a wise choice considering authenticity and support is vital.

A Comparison Perspective:

While you delve into Nikon’s offerings, don’t miss out on exploring the Canon EOS 1500D, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, and Canon EOS R to compare and make an informed decision.

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