How to Transfer Balance in Ncell Sim-Card Guide 2024 Nepal

how to transfer balance in ncell

Running low on mobile balance? Need to help a friend out? Ncell’s balance transfer service in Nepal makes sharing credit quick and easy. This 2024 guide will walk you through the simple steps to keep you connected.

What is Ncell Balance Transfer?

Ncell Balance Transfer lets you send a portion of your available prepaid balance to another Ncell user. This is a lifesaver in emergencies or when someone needs a quick top-up.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Both the sender and receiver must be Ncell prepaid customers.
  • The sender’s SIM card must be active for at least 15 days or older.
  • The minimum transfer amount is Rs. 10.
  • The maximum transfer amount is Rs. 200 per transaction.

How to Transfer Balance Using USSD Code

  1. Dial: *17122*98XXXXXXXX*Amount#
    • Replace ’98XXXXXXXX’ with the recipient’s 10-digit Ncell number.
    • Replace ‘Amount’ with the amount you want to transfer (e.g., 50).
  2. Confirm: Double-check the number and amount before proceeding.
  3. Send: Press the call button to initiate the transfer.
  4. Confirmation: You’ll receive a confirmation message if the transfer is successful.


To transfer Rs. 50 to the number 9801234567, you would dial:


Important Notes:

  • A service fee of Re. 1 (excluding taxes) applies per transfer.
  • You can transfer balance up to 3 times a day.
  • The transferred balance is valid for the same duration as the sender’s existing balance.

Benefits of Ncell Balance Transfer

  • Convenience: Easily share balance anytime, anywhere.
  • Emergency Help: Assist friends and family when they need it most.
  • Simplicity: The USSD code makes the process straightforward.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If you get an error message, ensure both numbers are correct and you have sufficient balance.
  • Contact Ncell customer service if you face persistent issues.

Stay Connected!

Ncell balance transfer is a valuable tool for keeping you and your loved ones connected. Share this guide with others so they can take advantage of this convenient service.

Additional Tips:

  • Always be cautious when sharing personal information and only transfer balance to people you trust.
  • Keep track of your balance transfers to avoid unexpected charges.


  1. मेरो Ncell सिमबाट अर्को Ncell मा ब्यालेन्स ट्रान्सफर गर्न के-कस्तो शुल्क लाग्छ? (What are the charges for transferring balance from my Ncell SIM to another Ncell number?)
    Answer: Ncell balance transfer service incurs a nominal fee of Re. 1 (excluding taxes) per transaction.
  2. के म Ncell बाट Ntc मा ब्यालेन्स ट्रान्सफर गर्न सक्छु? (Can I transfer balance from Ncell to Ntc?)
    Answer: No, balance transfer is currently available only between Ncell prepaid numbers. You cannot transfer balance to Ntc or other service providers.
  3. मैले एक दिनमा कति पटक र कति रकमसम्म ब्यालेन्स ट्रान्सफर गर्न सक्छु? (How many times and what is the maximum amount I can transfer in a day?)
    Answer: You can transfer balance up to 3 times a day, with a maximum of Rs. 200 per transaction.
  4. ब्यालेन्स ट्रान्सफर गर्न मेरो Ncell सिम कति पुरानो हुनुपर्छ? (How old does my Ncell SIM need to be to transfer balance?)
    Answer: Your Ncell SIM needs to be active for at least 15 days to use the balance transfer service.
  5. मैले ट्रान्सफर गरेको ब्यालेन्स साथीको मोबाइलमा कति समयसम्म valid हुन्छ? (For how long is the transferred balance valid on my friend’s mobile?)
    Answer: The transferred balance will have the same validity period as your remaining balance. For example, if your existing balance is valid for 30 days, the transferred amount will also be valid for 30 days on your friend’s mobile.

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