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Sony Camera Price in Nepal 2023

In the world of cameras, Sony stands out, especially in crafting mirrorless gems. It’s seeing a spike in demand in Nepal, allowing photography enthusiasts to understand the diverse models and their prices better.

Exploring Sony’s Models:

  • Variety in Functionality: Sony offers cameras like the upcoming Sony ZV-E1 and the high-grade Sony Alpha A7R V, suitable for everyone. These models display Sony’s innovative approach in photography.
  • Mirrorless Revolution: Sony has made strides with its mirrorless cameras, combining sleek designs with robust features, and redefining photography norms. Also, the Canon EOS R serves as another exemplary mirrorless option.
  • Moreover, there’s the Canon EOS 1500D DSLR, offering a unique touch to photography.

Sony Camera Price in Nepal 2023:

  • Wide Array of Options: From the convenient Sony ZV-1F to the advanced Sony Alpha A7R V, Sony caters to a range of preferences and needs.
Sony Camera ModelAlternate Model NamePrice in Nepal
Sony ZV-1F (Body Only)ZV-1FNPR 80,000
Sony ZV-E10L (Kit Lens 16-50mm)ZV-E10LNPR 126,000
Sony ZV-E1ZV-E1Coming Soon
Sony Alpha A6100 (Body Only)ILCE-6100NPR 99,000
Sony Alpha A6400 (Kit Lens 16-50mm)ILCE-6400LNPR 162,000
Sony Alpha A6600 (Body Only)ILCE6600/BNPR 192,000
Sony Alpha A7C (Body Only)ILCE-7CNPR 256,500
Sony Alpha A7 III (Body Only)ILCE-7M3NPR 261,000
Sony Alpha A7 IV (Body Only)ILCE-7M4NPR 342,000
Sony Alpha A7S III (Body Only)ILCE-7S3NPR 490,500
Sony Alpha A7R IV (Body Only)ILCE7RM4/BNPR 445,000
Sony Alpha A7R V (Body Only)ILCE-7RM5NPR 545,000
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Conclusion and Authorized Dealers:

  • Purchase Wisely: Opting for authorized dealers is crucial for genuine products and reliable after-sales services.
  • Wrapping Up: Sony, with its extensive and innovative lineup, is a go-to choice for many in Nepal. This guide is crafted to assist photography aficionados in navigating through Sony’s varied range to find their ideal match.

For those exploring other options, Canon EOS 80D DSLR stands as a noteworthy contender in the realm of DSLRs.

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