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OPPO Mobile Price in Nepal [Updated]

Chinese smartphone giant, OPPO, has been consistent in offering innovative smartphones in Nepal since its official arrival in 2016, via Telecell Pvt. Ltd. Striking a balance between quality and affordability, OPPO’s mobiles are competitively priced in Nepal, mirroring the pricing strategies in other markets like India and China.

Many inquire about the price of OPPO 4GB RAM 128GB in Nepal and the price of OPPO 6 128GB in Nepal. While we have several price listings, it’s essential to refer to the latest price charts for specific models and configurations.

Diverse Series and Pricing:

OPPO’s series in Nepal are varied. The price spectrum starts from Rs. 15,000, extending up to Rs. 50,000. The popular A-series is notable for its cost-efficiency and widespread acclaim in Nepal.

  • A-Series: Renowned for affordability.
  • F-Series: Prioritizes design and camera capabilities.
  • Reno Series: Introduced in 2018, it combines premium features and flagship specs.
  • Find Series: The premium range is yet to debut in Nepal.

The A-series and F-series have become increasingly popular in Nepal, each catering to distinct user preferences and needs. Many wonder, “What is the price of Oppo A16 3GB RAM in Nepal?” and “What is the price of Oppo A31 128GB in Nepal?“. These and other specific model prices, like the price of OPPO A12 in Nepal and the price of OPPO F9 in Nepal, are available through official OPPO distributors or retailers in Nepal.

The OPPO A16 (4/64GB) is currently available at Rs. 22,990, providing an answer to those curious about OPPO A16 configurations. However, for inquiries about other configurations like Oppo A16 6 128GB and Oppo A53 8 128, contacting official retailers is recommended.

Vivo Mobile Queries

While our focus here is OPPO, we’ve noticed inquiries about Vivo models too, such as the price of Vivo Y21s 6GB RAM 128GB ROM and the price of Vivo mobile 8GB RAM 128 GB memory. For accurate and latest pricing on Vivo models, we suggest referring to Vivo’s official sales channels in Nepal.

OPPO Mobile Price Summary 2023

  • OPPO A16 (4/64GB): Rs. 22,990
  • (Include other listed models and prices here.)

Oppo Mobile Price in Nepal:

OPPO Mobile ModelPrice in Nepal (MRP)
OPPO F21 Pro (8/128GB)NRs. 39,999
OPPO F19 Pro (8/128GB)NRs. 35,990
OPPO A78 (8/256GB)NRs. 32,999
OPPO A77s (8/128GB)NRs. 30,999
OPPO A76 (6/128GB)NRs. 29,990
OPPO A77 (4/128GB)NRs. 25,999
OPPO A58 4G (6/128GB)NRs. 24,999
OPPO A57 (4/64GB)NRs. 23,499
OPPO A38 (4/128GB)Coming Soon!
OPPO A17 (4/64GB)NRs. 19,999
OPPO A17K (3/64GB)NRs. 14,999
OPPO A16 (4/64GB)NRs.19,990
OPPO A16k (4/64GB)NRs. 17,490
OPPO A16k (3/32GB)NRs. 15,990


While we’ve covered some specific models like the OPPO A16, for a myriad of inquiries about models like OPPO A31 6 128 and Vivo’s A31 6GB RAM 128GB, we advise consulting the respective official websites or contacting authorized distributors and retailers directly in Nepal for the most accurate and updated information.

Do explore our other articles for insights on various models and brands such as Samsung, iPhone, and Vivo, to compare and make informed decisions on your next smartphone purchase.

Discover the latest OPPO Mobile Price in Nepal with our comprehensive guide, detailing specifications, features, and pricing. The varied series ensure there’s something for everyone, whether you are exploring premium options or budget-friendly choices.

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