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OCPC RTX 3070 8GB DDR6 Graphics Card Price in Nepal

The OCPC RTX 3070 is a graphics card produced by OCPC, a company that specializes in computer hardware and components. The RTX 3070 is part of Nvidia’s 30-series graphics cards, which were released in September 2020 and are based on the Ampere architecture.

The OCPC RTX 3070 features 8GB of GDDR6 memory and 5888 CUDA cores, which provide excellent performance in gaming and other GPU-intensive tasks. The graphics card also includes a robust cooling solution with multiple fans and heat sinks to help maintain optimal temperatures during use.

Like other RTX 3070 graphics cards, the OCPC RTX 3070 supports ray tracing and DLSS technology, which provide enhanced graphics and improved performance in supported games and applications. It also supports PCIe 4.0 for faster data transfer speeds when used with a compatible motherboard.

Here are the specifications for the OCPC RTX 3070:

Base Clock1500 MHz
Boost Clock1725 MHz
NVIDIA CUDA® Cores5888
Memory Configuration8GB GDDR6
Memory Interface256-bit
Memory Bandwidth448 GBps
Cooling DesignDual Cooling Fan (LED)
Display Output3 x DisplayPort, HDMI

OCPC RTX 3070 Price In Nepal

OCPC RTX 3070 is Rs. 81,500 in Nepal. OCPC RTX 3070 can be purchased from Aliteq Nepal.

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OCPC RTX 3070₨ 81,500.00Buy Here

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