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NZXT H510i Price in Nepal, Review: Clean ATX Mid-Tower PC Case

The H510i is the NZXT family’s middle child that holds an excellent balance between space, management, and cooling. Unlike its siblings, it offers more flexibility when creating PC builds, no matter the environment or preference.

NZXT H510i Review – Design and Functionality

It is built to support either elite or casual gaming. Whether it be for professional work, entertainment, or gaming, the H510i fits every category. It features the Smart Device V2 and combo audio jack which is in every NZXT I-version case. With the single combo audio jack, it makes it easier to manage your wirings. Apart from the jack, it also has a single screw for the side panel access. That, allows the user to access the PC’s interior much faster. With fewer screws to deal with, you can focus more on the experience. The H510i, it has a mix of the H710i and the H210i features. It has the necessary space for various hardware, and simultaneously, is optimal for any setup. Plus, it does not require much spending.

Pros And Cons Of NZXT H510i

Cable trenches for easy cable managementNo USB 2.0 on the front panel
Extremely solid build quality
 Dust filters on all intake openings

Key Features of the NZXT H510i

  • Vertical GPU Mount: The only PC cases that support a vertical GPU mount are the H510i and the H710i cases. These are unique features making them excellent for your space requirements. With that, it allows for a wide range of positioning for your computer’s internal hardware layout.
  • Streamlined Cooling: It has a front bracket made for radiators of up to 280-millimetres. This allows installing water cooling systems much simpler and more effective for your PC. There are two Aer F120 fans included which adds to the optimized distribution of airflow. So, you can expect better internal air circulation. NZXT global
  • I-version Exclusive: NZXT features their CAM application only for the I-version of their products to help monitor and manage the computer effectively. You can personalize your computer better with the CAM program and create the PC of your dreams.
  • Radiator and Fan Support: Inside the case, it contains two front fan slots for either two 120 or two 140 millimeter fans to fit. On the top, you can fit either a 120 or 140-millimeter fan. On its rear, a 120-millimeter fan can be placed. For the radiator slots, you can fit either two 120 or 140-millimetre-sized radiators with push and pull removal. On its rear, only a sized 120-millimeter radiator can fit. It has an airflow of 50.42 cubic feet per minute, a noise level of 28 dBA, and a rifle bearing.


NZXT’s H510i is an excellent case. If you want something simple, reliable, and attractive, it’s going to deliver all of that. It’s Smart Device V2 with CAM’s program allows for a reliable and efficient experience. With this smart case, we don’t see anything that can go wrong.

They had built PC cases for both top-of-the-line specs within the thermal performance that is likely for workstation builds and top-tier gaming while also the most affordable but more reasonable cost cases to adjustable for every budget consumer.

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Technical Specification of NZXT H510i

Dimensions(D) 428mm x (W) 210mm x (H) 460mm
MotherboardMicro-ATX, ATX, Mini-ITX
LED’sHUE 2 RGB (Smart Device V2)
Pre-Installed Fans(2 x 120mm)
2.5″ Drive BayThree SSD’s
3.5″ Drive BayThree HDD’s
CPU coolerup to 165mm high
Graphics cardup to 381mm
Power supplyup to ATX
Fans front2x 120mm or 2x 140mm (optional)
Fans top1x 120mm, 1200rpm or 1x 140mm
Top Fans (Up to 1x 120/140mm)
Front I/O PortsUSB Type-C, USB 3.1 Type-A, Headset audio Jack
Card Slots7x (plus two vertical)
Other1x  RGB LED strip included
Weight16.5 lbs (7.48 kg)

NZXT H510i Price in Nepal and Availability

NZXT H510i Price in Nepal is Rs.18,500. It is available for purchase online directly through Aliteq Store.

PC CasePrice in Nepal
NZXT H510i Mid-Tower Gaming CaseRs. 18,500