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Nepal Enforces Blocking of 804 Unregistered iPhone 15 Series Phones in MDMS Implementation

Nepal’s mobile landscape experiences a significant regulatory shift with the implementation of the Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority. Primarily focusing on iPhone 15 series phones, this initiative has resulted in the blocking of 804 unregistered devices, as confirmed by the regulatory body.

Effective from 9 pm on Monday, telecommunication services for 804 iPhone 15 series phones that failed to register in the MDMS have been discontinued by the authority.

To ensure compliance, the authority sent SMS notifications to approximately 1000 devices within the iPhone 15 series, urging registration within a 15-day window. Unfortunately, 804 devices faced service termination as they failed to complete the registration within the stipulated time frame.

Consequently, these affected phones will no longer support SIM-based telecommunication services provided by Nepal Telecom or Ncell. However, users can continue utilizing Wi-Fi services on these devices.

Expanding the scope of this system, the authority disclosed plans to extend its application to other high-end and expensive phones that remain unregistered in the MDMS.

In the upcoming phase, the authority will initiate an SMS-based registration request for phones currently in use but not registered in the MDMS, setting a 15-day deadline. Devices failing to register during this period will be subject to blockage in accordance with the regulatory guidelines.

For registration, a fee of Rs 10,000 per phone set has been established for devices valued over Rs 1 lakh. Similarly, other smartphone users can complete registration within the MDMS by paying the requisite registration fee.

The authority emphasized the lack of alternative procedures available for registering blocked phones in the MDMS, affirming that these devices will remain non-operational within Nepal.

Users concerned about their phone’s registration status are guided to obtain information on the registration process or watch an informative video through provided links, ensuring compliance with the MDMS regulations.


  1. Why are iPhones being blocked in Nepal? iPhones are being blocked due to non-registration in the Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) implemented by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, focusing primarily on iPhone 15 series phones.
  2. What happens if my iPhone is not registered in MDMS? iPhones not registered within the stipulated deadline will face telecommunication service blockage from Nepal Telecom or Ncell, rendering them inoperative for SIM-based services.
  3. How much does it cost to register an iPhone in MDMS? The registration fee is Rs 10,000 for iPhones valued over Rs 1 lakh, while other iPhone users can register by paying the designated registration fee.

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