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HUAWEI MateView 28 Inch 4K Monitor available in Nepal: Review

The Huawei MateView is an impressive 28-inch monitor with an unusual 3:2 aspect ratio and minimalist design. The monitor is well equipped, offers a beautiful picture, and looks very, very good. Huawei’s debut monitor boasts style, features, and simplicity.

Pros and Cons of HUAWEI MateView 28.2 Inch 4K Monitor

Innovative designLimited display controls
3:2 ratio is great for focusing on documentsIllogical port locations
Decent stand

Design and display

First up, there’s the most obvious difference: the design. It lends itself nicely to two concurrent windows – and even better to a single-window if you want to focus on a document. The next big change is to the controls. Instead of traditional buttons or joysticks, there’s a touch-sensitive strip mounted under the bottom bezel. Tap this and the main menu appears, with a choice of eye comfort, brightness, input source, gamut, and settings.

The monitor is adjustable in height. The height above the table can vary from 7 to 18 cm. The screen is also adjustable in tilt levels from -5 to 18 degrees, it will not be difficult to find a comfortable angle for you. But there is no horizontal rotation of the screen.

Performance and Connection Interfaces

Overall, the Huawei MateView performs well and delivers an excellent user experience, although there are minor drawbacks here and there. 

The MateView is equipped with all standard ports. The desktop PC can be connected using HMDI, Mini DisplayPort, or USB-C. These connectors, with the exception of USB-C, are located on the “back” of the stand at the bottom. There is also another USB-C, but it is designed exclusively for connecting the power supply. But the side USB-C can be used to “recharge” laptops, phones, or data transmission.

Huawei’s MateView looks impressive, both in terms of its industrial design and by virtue of its high-quality, high-resolution display. It’s not perfect, of course: the 3:2 aspect ratio may not work for some, wireless projection only works with Huawei phones, and it carries a premium price tag even with the current discount. That said, many will find a place for this elegant 28-inch monitor on their desk.

Official webpage of Huawei MateView 28.2″ 4K monitor

Full specifications of the Huawei MateView

ModelHuawei MateView HSN-CBA
Panel typeIPS with W-LED backlight
Display screen coverageanti-reflective
Screen, inches28.2
Aspect ratio3:2
Resolution, pixels.3840×2560
Response speed, ms8
Refresh rate, Hz60
Brightness, cd/m2500
Static contrast1200:1
Viewing angles, degree178
Number of colors displayed1.07 billion
Wireless connectionsWireless projection, WLAN band 2.4 / 5 GHz, Bluetooth 5.1

Huawei Mateview 28 Inch 4K Monitor Price and Availability in Nepal

The Price of a Huawei Mate view 28 Inch/4K in Nepal is Rs.140000. It is officially available through Aliteq Store.

Monitor (2022)Price in Nepal (Official)
HUAWEI MateView 28 Inch/4K UHD/60Hz MonitorRs. 1,40,000 (Buy Here)