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Government’s Decision to Restructure NITC Faces Challenges: Nepal

The government’s decision to restructure the National Information Technology Center (NITC) has encountered significant challenges and uncertainties. In the fiscal year 2023/24 budget, it was announced that NITC would be abolished, with its functions transitioning to the Department of Information Technology. However, the implementation of this decision has faced setbacks and raised questions about the government’s ability to manage critical data resources effectively.

I. Inadequate Implementation Plan

The initial plan to abolish the National Information Technology Center and transfer its functions to the Department of Information Technology faced implementation hurdles. The transition, originally set for July, has proven ineffective due to a lack of a comprehensive implementation strategy.

II. Pressure to Preserve NITC

Government officials have faced pressure from various quarters not to shut down NITC entirely. Instead, efforts are underway to establish a new organizational structure to maintain its leadership and operational modality under government supervision.

III. Department of Information Technology’s Capability

Questions persist about the Department of Information Technology’s ability to handle NITC’s responsibilities effectively. Operational issues with services such as integrated office management systems, government cloud (G cloud), and e-attendance systems have raised concerns.

IV. Deficiencies in NITC Operations

NITC has faced challenges in maintaining accurate equipment records, analyzing server capacity, and conducting quality tests for data centers. Critical responsibilities like managing software licenses, assessing hardware lifespan, and ensuring backup power sources have been overlooked.

V. Security Standards and Assessments

NITC has demonstrated limited interest in implementing internationally recognized security standards for data security measures. Routine internal and external assessments, such as ISO 27001 certification, have been neglected.

VI. Possibility of Revival

Officials have expressed suspicion that the National Information Technology Center may need to be revived through formation orders, similar to the Melamchi Water Development Committee. The cancellation of the committee delayed the project’s progress, leading to its eventual revival.

VII. Challenges Ahead

The restructuring of NITC presents complex challenges, including the transfer of assets and responsibilities to the Department of Information Technology. Insufficient manpower and expertise in both NITC and the department further complicate the transition.


The government’s decision to restructure NITC remains in a state of flux, with numerous challenges and uncertainties. The fate of critical government data resources and online systems hangs in the balance, and the government must address these issues swiftly to ensure the smooth management of sensitive data in the future. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology is actively working on a detailed implementation plan, but the path forward remains uncertain.

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