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Empowering Nepal’s Digital Future: The Nepal ICT Development Partnership

In a significant stride toward bolstering Nepal’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector, the Computer Association of Nepal Federation (CAN Federation) and the United States International Cooperation Agency (USAID) have forged a collaboration aimed at nurturing the country’s ICT ecosystem. This promising initiative was formalized during a signing ceremony where Ranjit Kumar Poddar, President of CAN Federation, and Agnes Luz, Head of Trade and Competitiveness at USAID, inked a memorandum of understanding.

A Catalyst for Economic Growth

This collaborative endeavor is poised to play a pivotal role in promoting Nepal’s ICT ecosystem and driving economic growth. The partnership seeks to conduct a spectrum of programs designed to create opportunities within the ICT sector, benefiting marginalized communities and other stakeholders while simultaneously enhancing the competitiveness of IT and digital services.

Fostering Talent and Ecosystem

Ranjit Poddar, President of CAN Federation, emphasized the commitment to foster an ecosystem conducive to nurturing ICT talent within Nepal. This signifies the resolve to provide the necessary training and support systems to harness the country’s technological potential.

Chiranjeevi Adhikari, General Secretary of CAN Federation, stressed the vital importance of this collaboration in strengthening and advancing Nepal’s ICT sector.


1. What is the purpose of the collaboration between CAN Federation and USAID in Nepal’s ICT sector?

  • The collaboration aims to develop and strengthen Nepal’s ICT ecosystem, fostering economic growth.

2. How will this partnership contribute to the growth of Nepal’s ICT ecosystem?

  • The partnership will conduct programs to create opportunities in the ICT sector, benefiting marginalized communities and enhancing the competitiveness of IT and digital services.

3. What programs are planned as part of this collaboration?

  • Various programs will be executed to support the growth of the ICT sector in Nepal.

4. How will marginalized communities benefit from this partnership in the ICT sector?

  • Marginalized communities will have opportunities to participate in the ICT sector’s growth, potentially improving their socioeconomic conditions.

5. What are the goals of increasing competitiveness in IT and digital services in Nepal?

  • The partnership aims to boost the competitiveness of IT and digital services, positioning Nepal on the global technological map.

6. How committed is CAN Federation to developing ICT talent in Nepal?

  • CAN Federation is dedicated to creating a nurturing ecosystem and training arrangements for ICT talent within Nepal.

7. Why is this collaboration considered important for Nepal’s ICT sector?

  • This collaboration is seen as a crucial step in promoting and strengthening Nepal’s ICT sector, positioning it for future success.

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